We at mythoby want to transform the way the arab man shops for clothes. With our simplified four step process, ordering a kandora is as simple as ordering a nice sumptuous meal or shopping on your favourite e-commerce site. No more multiple drives to the tailor for measurements, picks up and alterations. No more wastage of time and effort. Get custom tailored kandoras that are stitched to perfection delivered to your house at the click of a button.


Ordering on our platform is as simple as food online. You can start from deciding the kind of kandora you want; Qatari, Arabic or Kuwaiti. This is followed by choosing fabric and color of your choice from our selection of premium high quality fabrics. You can complete the design of your kandora by selecting additional options such as stitching styles, cuff styling, pockets styling and upto 15 other style customizations.

We do realize that touching a fabric is very important which is why we have classified our fabrics into soft, medium and medium-hard based on touch. However, if you want to feel the fabric of your choice in person, you can book a swatch feel appointment and one of our represented will visit you personally and will guide you with the fabric selection. The appointment is a 100% refundable against the kandora order value.



We offer you 4 easy options to share your measurements with us.


Get the tailor to come and measure you before you go for work, or after you come back from work or even maybe between important meetings. Once you place the order, the tailor will call you to book a time and place that is convenient to you.

For your convenience, we have a tied up with multiple high end tailoring partners across the UAE that take pride in their craftsmanship. All of this to to ensure that no matter where you are in the UAE, we can get your measurements taken by the best possible person for the job.


We understand your privacy is important to you and you might not be interested in calling a tailor to your home or workplace but still would be interested in getting yourself measured by a professional. In such a case, select a from a wide range of tailoring partners and get yourself measured there by an expert.


If you are in a hurry, have a friend or have confidence in you ability to measure yourself, then this option is for you. We have pictures,videos and written instructions that will guide you through the measurement process.


Why should we reinvent the wheel? Why to make something that is already perfect? This is what we believe in and the same applies to your kandora. If there is a kandora that is already a perfect fit for you, we can just recreate the same magic for you. All you need to do is follow our guided kandora measurement process and we will replicate your kandora for you!



After a long R&D process and interactions with industry leaders, we have created unified tailoring processes and practices that is implemented across all partners. This helps us maintain consistency and quality of kandoras delivered.


All of our tailoring partners have long experience in tailoring quality kandoras that are made to last. Any occasional lack of consistency in kandora fitting would also be fixed after our standardization processes. So there is one thing that we guarantee and that is that our kandoras would be nothing short of perfection. Every time.


Once your kandora is stitched, our shipping partner will come and collect you kandora for delivery. It is usually delivered within 48 hours of dispatch. We charge AED 20 shipping for orders below AED 50, AED 10 on orders between 50 and AED 150 and if your order is more than that we pay for your shipping!